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Extra and Friends 2 Primary Course. Extra and Friends 3 Primary Course. Extra and Friends 4 Primary Course. Extra and Friends 5 Primary Course. Extra and. Welcome 2 Pupil's Book by Virginia Evans, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Midterm Test Welcome 2. Uploaded by. Валентина Зотевска · Welcome 2 Teachers Book. Uploaded by. daniel chiriac · Welcome 2 - Test Present Simple.

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Welcome 2 Pupils Book Welcome 2 Pupils Book. Home · Documents; Welcome 2 Pupils Book. Published on Jan View Download prev. next. Welcome 2: Pupil's Book (with Audio CD) [Elizabeth Gray, Virginia Evans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Welcome 2 Pupil's Book [Elizabeth Gray, Virginia Evans] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers.

By Chad Donohue First impressions matter — especially on the first day of school. Students arrive with a mix of emotions. Most, however, are nervous. The reasons vary from child to child, but kids tend to feel anxious about starting school. This is not necessarily a bad thing; some anxiety is normal, even healthy. However, teachers can do a lot to ensure their classrooms are safe and welcoming on the first day of school. Assign seats before school starts. This is a strategy I learned the hard way. To my horror, more than one student was caught in the embarrassing situation of getting shunned or shooed away from a seat supposedly being saved for a friend. My carelessness had resulted in some students feeling like unwelcomed outsiders. Assigning seats before the year starts is easy at any grade level. Simply number the seats.

You are Eddy! We are friends! They are very nice. Thank you, everybody! Grammar 1 I am v a my friends. AJfirmative Negative 2 She is b twins. Are we? Are you? Are they? Now, ask and answer. Write your birthday wishes. Listen and write a name or a number. Eric the parrot and Eddy are friends! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Cindy! Oscar, doctor, Cindy! Oscar: Oh, no! Where are my trousers? These trousers are too short. Eddy: Oh, look, yours are in the bin!

All: Masid, help! Whose hat is this? These glasses are too hin! A: This dress is riot mine. Yours is Listen and read. This is Pat Clark. This is Rita Evans. Look at her clothes! These are her clothes. Her hat is black and blue. This is her jacket and this This is her dress. They are blue.

And these are her shoes. These are her shoes. They are black! Father's a My mother is a doctor, Her coat and shoes are white. His coat is pink and yellow, His hat is red and brown! CTom can jump! Welcome 2 Pupils Book

Eiffel Tower! I can see a park! He can play the guitar and he can play the drum, too! Wow, look! She can ride that bike! Hey, Wendy, look! She can draw! She can draw the Eiffel Tower! What can we do in the park? Can uou sinn? Yes, I can ana I can dance, too! Can you dance?. Then, talk with your friend.

Welcome 1 Pupils Book Mrc

Questionnaire You Your ride a bike drive a car friend 1 Can you sing? We 3 Can you swim? I can write but I I can jump but I I can sing and I Read the questions.

Write one-word answers. On the It can I can run and I can jump, Run and jump, run and jump, I can run and I can jump, n And you can run with me! Look and write. Look, read and circle.

Is it a TV? Are they candles? Are they shorts? Is it a bus? Are they shoes? Look, read and fill in: can or can't. He Write the plurals. Read and answer. My name is Read and fill in. A: Happy 37 b B: No, Listen and repeat b eau tifu l 2 3 Listen and choose. Try a g a in Masid! Ziggor: Help! An ugly monster! Try again! Ziggor j Thank you! Look a t my picture! Write about your monster.

Draw or stick pictures. Start like this: Look a t my picture! Head, sh ou lders, knees a n d toes, Knees a n d toes, Head, shoulders, knees a n d toes, Knees a n d toes!

Cindy: Is there Cindy: Are there Lin: Yes, th ere are Cindy: Mmm, I love cake! I like French fries! Are you ready to order? C an we have three burgers, tw o ho t dogs, som e s a la d a n d some French fries, please? Yes, O. Oh, no! W atch out! Ha ha! Cindy, I love y o u r new hat! Have they any French fries? French fries! Grammar 1 banana 7 rice 2 milk 8 apple There is a b a n a n a.

Welcome 1 Pupils book MRC

There are son,e sausages in the fridge but there isn't any chicken. My Favourite Things! I love pizza, I love chicken, My fa v o u rite things Are in the kitchen! The kitchen! All my fa v o u rite things Are in th e kitchen! I llllV. Yes, she is. Is she d rin k in g milk?

Then write. Oscar, Eddy, w h ere are you going? Are you com ing? Lin: Yes! Wendy: W h a t is it? Are yo. Are they drinking milk? Write a postcard to your Mum and Dad. The girls are drinking o ra n g e Tracy Linda Ben Josh juice w ith the genie!

He plays basketball every Saturday. Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday play basketball go to the cinema visit his grandfather tidy his room wash the car Grammar A ffirm ative In te rro g a tiv e N eg ative I,You play.

H e,She,It plays. Does he play soccer? He tidies No, Listen and match. What time is it? Rita: Hello, boys! Do you w a n t some sp agh etti? Eddy: Oh, yes, please! I swim in my pool, th e n I have breakfast. Bob: Do you w ork in the morning, Jack? W e,You,They play.

In te rro g ativ e 3 They plays basketball. N egative W e,You,They do n o t play. Do y o u play soccer? Listen and fill in. A: What time do y o u get up? What time do y o u get up? B: He g ets up. A: I get up at nine. Helen San der s is m y Helen ge ts up.

In the evening she visits fr ie n d s or she go es to the theatre. I like Helen Sanders! Helen goes to bed. E H m orning. EH 3 Say and write the sentences. Look, read and label. Write the singular or plural. Look, read and choose. Read and write yes or no. There is som e ice cream. Mum, F. C an you get som e? Fill in: in, on or a t 4 8 There are som e apples. Tuesday 4 9 There is som e milk. The sm all seeds grow into big f l o w e r s in the P u t th e seed a re you doing?

Calaméo - Welcome 1 Pupils Book Mrc

March - J Then Listen and repeat. Listen and repeat skiing horse riding wet Listen and write yes or no. I like spring becau se I like gardening! I like su m m e r b ecause like swimming! Wendy: Run! C atch it! They should not wear any jewellery and long hair needs to be tied back. Please ensure that socks are available in PE bags if your child is wearing tights. We have some interesting and exciting visitors and activities planned. If the children or any family members have any information or artefacts related to our topics,do please come and talk to us, as we are keen to use them to bring our topics alive.

Do take a look at our blog to find out what we are learning about and what we are getting up to! Welcome to Year 4. You can find us in the Blue Room or in the Mobile Classroom whilst we wait for our building work to be completed. We are really looking forward to the year ahead and have had a great start to the term. Teachers We are lucky enough to be taught by great teachers. Miss G teaches us for English in the morning and Topic in the afternoon. Mrs Knight teaches us for Maths in the morning.

What a lucky bunch we are! Mrs Hart and Mrs Jones in the office always make you feel better. For lunch you have a choice of school dinners or packed lunch.

On Friday it is always fish and chips but the rest of the week it can change and be different things. We also have a lovely dessert or you can have fruit. Clubs and Trips Do you like being part of exciting clubs? I have loved being part of dodge ball because the games are so much fun. Art has also been great because it is magical. We can go to recorder club, singing club, skipping club and creativity club at lunchtimes but are still so much fun. Everything we do at Sunnymede is fantastic you should come, Please do!!!

Uniform has to be worn at our school. This is special because we all have to look the same so we know we are from the same school. You can wear blue jumpers or cardigans, grey trousers or skirts or shorts and light blue polo shirts. In the summer girls can wear a blue and white summer dress. We all have to have black school shoes. In the winter we have coats and fleeces.

I love science because you can do electric circuits. ICT is super because you can learn how to draw on laptops. History is interesting.

It will blow your mind with all the interesting facts you will learn about famous people. Geography fills your brain full of stuff because you learn about the world.


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